IMMAQL8- Exquisite Sculptures - "VDS 012"

IMMAQL8- Exquisite Sculptures - "VDS 012"

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"Stretching Leopard"

The subtle way in which the Artist captures the feline curiosity, imperceptibly inviting us to sample the air, the scent of potential prey further up the tree...

The movement up the tree, instilling the sense of calm intent, an almost serene setting, belying the dramatic events that surround the image in our heads of what is, or isn't, just above in the tree.

An astonishing work of art, that invites to ponder, wonder and keeps you intrigued, every time you gaze upon it.

Dimensions: Height - 49cm - Length - 95cm - Width - 22cm  - Weight - 22kg

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10% of our earnings goes to special nature & wildlife conservation projects around the world, in cooperation between the Artists and IMMAQL8, with local and regional foundations and initiatives.