IMMAQL8 Exquisite Art "Play/Hide & Seek"
IMMAQL8 Exquisite Art "Play/Hide & Seek"

IMMAQL8 Exquisite Art "Play/Hide & Seek"

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"Hide & Seek" is a miniature work of Art, a playful and light-hearted salute to the little wonder of spring-time recreation among animals and the play and fun of youngsters amongst themselves and around their parents. Imagine the way kittens play, or young gazelles, lion cups..

Captured in a an almost cute child-like way, Hide & Seek invites us to let the kid inside of us, play...

"Play/Hide & Seek" is an extraordinary piece of exquisite Art created over a 7-week period on hand-crafted bamboo curved base, hand-painted and lacquered to a degree of perfection to create a truly stunning object of impressive beauty and presence. 

That is the true impact of what we bring you at IMMAQL8. Objects that trigger memories, invoke stories and create smiles for a life-time. Indulge yourself.

Measurements: 35cm*35cm*5cm - Weighs approx 6kg

 Worldwide free secure shipping in wooden crate. 

We cater to special, individual requests.  

10% of the proceeds of sale of these unique pieces goes directly to the campaign to stop Rhino-poaching in South Africa, in cooperation with the Artist and ImmaQl8.