IMMAQL8 Exquisite Art "The Chef's mini Overture"
IMMAQL8 Exquisite Art "The Chef's mini Overture"

IMMAQL8 Exquisite Art "The Chef's mini Overture"

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What is it that most times makes you smile? We bet it is the perfect tasting italian pasta you had last night, or the smell a fresh baked bread tickling your nose. Maybe it is the taste of your first cup of coffee in the morning?

Imagine one beautifully crafted, exceptional piece capturing that very smile in one image...  

"Chef's mini Overture" is the mini version of the "Chef's Overture One" work of Art, an evocative and mindfully light-hearted masterpiece. 

"Chef's mini Overture" is extraordinary piece of exquisite abstract Art created over a 10-week period on hand-crafted bamboo curved base, hand-painted and lacquered to a degree of perfection to create a truly stunning object of impressive beauty and presence. 

That is the true impact of what we bring you at IMMAQL8. Objects that trigger memories, invoke stories and create smiles for a life-time. Indulge yourself.

Measurements: 60cm*60cm*5cm - Weighs approx 9.5kg

 Worldwide free secure shipping in wooden crate. 

We cater to special, individual requests.  

10% of the proceeds of sale of these unique pieces goes directly to the campaign to stop Rhino-poaching in South Africa, in cooperation with the Artist and ImmaQl8.