IMMAQL8 Exclusive Art - "A Tribal Hunt"
IMMAQL8 Exclusive Art - "A Tribal Hunt"

IMMAQL8 Exclusive Art - "A Tribal Hunt"

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Imagine enjoying the briefest of quiet moments in the middle of a busy, stressful day. Your gaze drifts to an image on the wall.

A flash of a smile makes your skin tingle momentarily... just one image, just one object... A brief recollection, a sensory impulse.

That is the true impact of what we bring to you at IMMAQL8. Authentic, original, one-off objects of beauty which invoke stories and creates smiles for a life-time.  

This beautifully crafted hand-painted African Art tile - titled "A Tribal Hunt" is an only piece and comes with certificate of authenticity by the Artist. A light, airy and earth-tone based piece of Art. 

Made on durable wood using natural lacquer on which the artist paints with acrylic paints, incorporating crushed Ostrich egg-shell and other natural materials, in most of the pieces. Finished and sealed with multiple layers of natural lacquer again, to create a stunning gloss finish, but lightweight and extremely durable.

Dimensions - 34,2cm*34,2cm*0.3cm

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10% of the proceeds of sale of these unique pieces goes directly to campaigns to stop Rhino-poaching in South Africa, in cooperation with the Artist and ImmaQl8.