About ImmaQl8

ImmaQl8 is the culmination of a journey we as a couple didn't realize we were on until recently..

When we met, we were both in corporate careers and working 24/7 on how to get ahead. But, we also discovered our joint passion for something else, the search for truly unique, undiscovered pieces of Art made by unknown artists in the small corners of this world.

We never thought it could be anything more than just a hobby, but then people visiting our home or traveling with us made us realize we should share some of our finds and create a space for others to discover the same things...

From an exquisitely sculpted wooden hand from Africa, to a giant bamboo painted hanging "plate", or from a particularly nice piece of hand-crafted jewelry to a haphazardly picked up piece of ceramic in a forgotten corner of Bali.

You get the idea. Every item has a story to tell.

So here we are with Immaql8.com, or in plain English Immaculate, named after perfect beauty, pristine craftsmanship, exquisite beauty, timeless practicality....

We occasionally find really amazing pieces or artists, from around the world, and from now on will be providing a limited selection of our discoveries for you to indulge in and make them part of your home, and your life.

So, follow us here, become part of our journey, keep an eye out for what we come up with and while we will never have a massive store full of stuff,... whatever we DO have in our store, we hope you will love, not only now but for a long time after and will trigger conversations with friends and family, about life, travel, experiences and laughter.  

We genuinely want to build a community, be in touch with you and discover things together with you. We created IMMAQL8 for the very purpose of sharing beauty and stunning items from all over the world and from different cultures.

Where we can we support nature and conservation efforts, from anti-poaching to local Art initiatives to promote unknown artists. 

We are on facebook @immaql8 and we are on instagram #immaql8 where you can like us, follow us, or generally just get more updates on what we are up to. 

IMMAQL8 is named for the immaculate beauty we find in and around us, and in every corner of the world. IMMAQL8 is created to give you a place to find things that make you feel that little bit more special. 

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime. We love to hear your reactions, observations and ideas. Contact us.