IMMAQL8 Exclusive Art - "Gypsy Blues"
IMMAQL8 Exclusive Art - "Gypsy Blues"

IMMAQL8 Exclusive Art - "Gypsy Blues"

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Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to run your finger over the texture of a real masterpiece? If ever you could, what would it be like? The satin gloss of a marble sculpture, the rough sharpish ribbles of an oil-painting by one of the Renaissance greats? 

Imagine you have a painting on the wall. It is yours. You can touch it, you know you shouldn't, but... Since it's not a Picasso, even though it has reminiscent touches of it, you are tempted. A flash of a smile makes your skin tingle momentarily... just one image, just one object. 

That is the true impact of what we bring you at IMMAQL8. Objects of beauty which invoke stories and creates smiles for a life-time. Indulge yourself...

This beautifully crafted hand-painted African Art tile - titled "Gypsy Blues" is an only and unique piece and comes with certificate of authenticity by Artist. A thought-provoking and stunning object to invoke a story with friends and family.

Made on durable wood using natural lacquer on which the artist paints with acrylic paints, incorporating crushed Ostrich egg-shell, in most of the pieces. Finished and sealed with multiple layers of natural lacquer again, to create as stunning gloss finish, but lightweight and extremely durable.

Dimensions - 34,2cmm*34,2cm*0,3cm

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10% of the proceeds of sale of these unique pieces goes directly to campaigns to stop Rhino-poaching in South Africa, in cooperation with the Artist and ImmaQl8.