IMMAQL8- Exquisite Sculptures - "VDS 025"

IMMAQL8- Exquisite Sculptures - "VDS 025"

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"French Rooster"

Imagine one single image that could evoke the early morning sun-rise, waking up and the scent of fresh baked eggs in the kitchen at breakfast... Now open your eyes and have all of it tingling your spine, just looking at one single masterpiece... 

"VDS 25" is an extraordinary one-off Bronze Sculpture, unique in the way it evokes both the pure essence and character of the rooster, including the annoying early morning racket, but equally satisfying senses of stunning early sun-rise scenes and the pleasures of breakfast with family and friends.. .

A truly stunning piece that captures everyone's imagination and puts a smile on everyone's face. 

Dimensions: Height - 55cm - Length - 45cm - Width - 20 cm  - Weight - 19.9kg

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10% of our earnings goes to special nature & wildlife conservation projects around the world, in cooperation between the Artists and IMMAQL8, with local and regional foundations and initiatives.