IMMAQL8- Exquisite Sculptures - "VDS 009"

IMMAQL8- Exquisite Sculptures - "VDS 009"

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"Sitting Cheetah"

Few images evoke with such power the same combination of pure emotions as the image of a wild african cheetah scanning the horizon for prey. The adrenaline of watching it happen, the awe-inspiring beauty of an animal exploding into speed, the elegance and agility of it darting, but the equal dread of the almost inevitable death that follows.

Captured in an incredible instance of sculpted silence and intent in a single moment,  "VDS 9" is a truly amazing one-off work of Art, reflecting the calm, but purposeful scanning of the wide open space on the savannah before the hunt, awaiting the arrival of unsuspecting prey. 

Dimensions: Height - 65 cm - Length - 70m - Width - 25cm  - Weight - 23kg

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10% of our earnings goes to special nature & wildlife conservation projects around the world, in cooperation between the Artists and IMMAQL8, with local and regional foundations and initiatives.